Face Masks

Face masks are a vital personal protective equipment used for a complete range of tasks around the workplace to protect the wearer from a large range of hazards depending on the working environment, due to recent outbreaks of viruses such as covid-19 even the general public was required to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces to help prevent being contaminated or spreading the virus. Around the workplace face masks are used on a daily basis to help protect people from particles in the air which sometimes are almost invisible but can be very dangerous to people health, the types of environments which require face masks to be worn are sawmills, woodworking environments, paint spray booths, hospitals, chemical plants and dusty environments. The 3M™ Aura 9300 FFP3 Foldable Respirator Masks, lightweight and comfortable folding mask, folds flat for easy transportation, FFP3 Protection, valved mask prevents build up of heat and moisture, each respirator mask is packed individually to prevent contamination and easier storage. View the complete range of personal protective equipment for all types of work activities around the workplace or around the home to help keep you protected.

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