Toughstripe™ Floor Shapes

Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Shapes are a range of floor marking shapes which have been designed and manufactured in a variety of different shapes which are applied to floors to create bays, areas, walkways and designated areas by applying different shapes to the floors.

Where can you lay Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Shapes? Toughstripe™ Floor Marking stickers can be applied to floors where you need to mark out either pedestrian routes, goods storage areas, place in boundaries around machinery and equipment or to create restricted areas around workplace hazards such as industrial racking areas.

What do Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Shapes feature? these tapes are available in a vast range of colours, shapes and sizes and provide a high gloss finish where laid, they have anti-slip and chemical resistant properties making them ideal for industrial environments as well as schools, hospitals, warehouses and public buildings.

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