Authorised Persons Only Signage

Authorised Persons Only Signs are a range of access restriction signs which are displayed in areas for the purpose of prohibiting access to specific areas by people who are unauthorised either for security or safety reasons such as entering building and construction sites, boiler rooms, electrical intake rooms and confined spaces. Authorised persons only signage can be used in areas where people need permits to work to carry out specific works in unauthorised areas such as confined spaces.

We also supply a full range of prohibition message signs for public areas which features red circles enclosing a black activity symbol with a red line passing through which makes it easier for the general public to understand the activity they are prohibited from doing. Around workplaces where you need to stop behaviour by others which may cause harm or injury to themselves or others and risk violating health & safety regulations you need to install workplace prohibition message signs which will stop those from carrying out dangerous activities. Our complete range of signage for the workplace includes the whole range such as 'cannot do' (prohibition), 'may hurt you' (warning), 'you must do'(mandatory), 'safe condition' (fire exit and first aid) and 'fire safety' (shows fire equipment) which will ensure your workplaces conform with health & safety regulations.

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