Absorbent Spill Pads

Absorbent Spill Pads, the Re-Form™ Sorbents Lightweight Pads have a unique composition absorbs 50% more than traditional sorbents. Made of netted construction for durability and are suitable for indoor or dry weather outdoor use. Please note these are general purpose sorbents and therefore not suitable for use with highly aggressive acids and caustics. The Oil Maintenance Spill absorbent Pads are for general everyday use and emergency spills, Ideal for dealing with leaks and drips around the workplace. Pads are perforated to minimise waste, oil only pads effectively absorb oil and petroleum based liquids. Extra-tough maintenance pads absorb a variety of industrial liquids including oils, water, solvents and coolants. The Multi-Ply Five In One 5-in-1 Maintenance pads, use as a pad, wipe, roll, pillow or soc, effectively absorbs a variety of liquids including water, oils, coolants and solvents. Multi-Ply Five In One 5-in-1 Maintenance Sorbents construction provides excellent absorption and multiple perforations ensure waste is kept to an absolute minimum. View our complete range of spill absorbent products for cleaning up oils, chemicals, lubricants and maintenance leaks around the workplace.

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