Site Prohibition Signage

The purpose of displaying site prohibition signage is to remove a specific action from being carried out to reduce the potential risk of someone causing injury to themselves or others within the workplace to comply with any risk assessments, site prohibition signage includes no entry signage which will prohibit people from entering areas for safety or security reasons such as the no pedestrian entry sign, no access prohibition signs can also be mounted in areas for security and safety reasons where a particular pedestrian access route might contain hazards and private property prohibition signage can be mounted around sites to stop people from parking or trespassing on private property grounds. For further information regarding Safety signs and signals, the Health and Safety Regulations 1996 guidance on Regulations can be downloaded FREE of charge from the UK Government HSE website

Restricting unauthorised persons around your sites for safety or security reasons can easily be achieved by mounting authorised personnel only signs which are fully compliant with the health & safety signs regulations and our full range of industrial prohibition message signs are ideal for mounting on walls or applying to surfaces to prevent others from carrying our dangerous activities. View the complete range of workplace signs to help your business comply with the health & safety laws. We supply a complete range of prohibition signs for workplaces, sites, schools, hospitals and factories.

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