Business And Home Electrical Batteries, Duracell® is a leading brand name when it comes to manufacturing batteries whether they are used in the workplace or in the home. These Duracell® batteries offer a powerful, long-lasting amount of electricity to ensure your electrical goods remain in constant working order which makes them ideal for always having in stock in both the workplace and in the home such as the Duracell® Procell Size C Batteries which are the ideal choice for keeping your torches and lamps ready to use in an emergency and the Duracell® Rechargeable AA Batteries are ideal for keeping to hand for replacing the batteries in your Maglite® High-Performance Mini Torches. To ensure your Duracell® batteries are fully charged ready for use the Duracell® Battery Charger is a powerful type of Duracell rechargeable battery charger which can recharge AA, AAA, D, C and 9V batteries with one charger and the Duracell Battery Multi Charger can re-charge 4 AA batteries in just 3 hours and the Duracell Battery Multi Charger features an LED Indicators to show charging and charging complete.

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