Water Fire Extinguisher Signs

What are Water Fire Extinguisher Signs? Water Fire Extinguisher Signs are a range of fire information type of message signs which convey messages to help locate where any water fire extinguisher are around premises, water fire extinguisher signs also convey information to help people in tackling fires by showing information on how to operate the water fire extinguisher.

Why water fire extinguishers? Water Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs, water fire extinguishers will no doubt be found in all business premises normally to satisfy your insurance company, water fire extinguishers are used to tackle class A types of fires such as wood, paper and textiles and it is very important that staff know the locations and how to use your water fire extinguishers, where you have water fire extinguishers installed around your premises then you need to install these Water Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs.

When you display these Water Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs you are not only highlighting the location of your water fire extinguishers but also providing your staff with vital information regarding what types of fires you can use water fire extinguishers on and also the types of fires you must not use water fire extinguishers on.