Escape Multi-Message Signs

How do you keep fire escape routes clear? fire escape routes are vital routes around buildings which lead to a fire exit out of the building, as well as making sure the internal fire escape routes are clear and free of obstacles you need to ensure the fire exit doors are kept clear on the outside as well, the last thing you need is a vehicle parked outside the door or rubbish being left there as you won't be able to open the door. To help ensure the fire escape routes and refuge points are kept clear is to install the right signage around the fire escape routes.

What are Fire Escape Multi-Message Signs? Fire Escape Multi-Message Signs are a range of signs which convey at least 2 different types of messages, with the first message the signs inform everyone that it is a fire exit or an emergency exit and the following messages tell or instruct everyone on what they must or must not do for example they must keep the fire exit clear.

Where can you position Fire Escape Multi-Message Signs? Fire Escape Multi-Message Signs ideally need to be displayed on fire escape routes such as on the walls and where the escape route meets the fire exit the signage need to be displayed on both the interior and exterior of the fire exit doors, by positioning the signs on the exterior the message is warning people they cannot block the door from the outside with vehicles, obstacles or waste.