Toughstripe™ Pre-Spaced Dashes Floor Marking Tapes

Toughstripe™ Pre-Spaced Dashes Floor Marking Tapes are used for helping you create pedestrian pathways, cordon off hazardous areas and marking boundaries around zones, machinery and equipment, supplied pre-spaced on a roll, self-adhesive, vibrant and easy to lay. Toughstripe™ Footprints Floor Tapes are also ideal for creating pedestrian routes around factory and warehouse floors to help keep them on designated walkway zones to avoid hazardous areas, industrial equipment and machinery. Toughstripe™ Dots Floor Marking Tapes are also an ideal solution for creating boundaries around warehouse and factory floors to help keep pedestrians away from danger areas and to help create storage areas such as pallet storage areas which can be divided by the Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Divider Tapes. View the complete range of Toughstripe Floor Marking Tapes and stickers.

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