Drum Transportation Trolleys

Drum Transportation Trolleys, the Drum Transporting Spill Scooter is vibrant yellow type of mobile drum scooter used for the safe transportation of drums around the workplace which features a secondary containment unit for spillages which occurs whilst dispensing liquids, fitted with a pivoting metal handle, swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability and made from robust polyethylene and so will not rust, corrode or fade. The Barrel And Drum Transporter Dolly is a 'U' shaped barrel platform and double looped strap makes loading simple, becomes an efficient self-dispensing station, rolled grip handles and kick plate makes tipping easy. Acts as it's own secondary containment unit holding up to 304 litres, constructed from robust polyethylene, poly dolly will not rust, corrode or fade, can be lifted from the rear using a forklift truck. The Mobile Poly Drum Transporter Spill Cart features easy roll front wheels and braked rear wheels ensure smooth handling in the most demanding environments. Integral tool tray keeps tools clean and to hand, removable, structural foam grate for easy cleaning, drain plug enables sump to be emptied with minimal effort. Constructed from polyethylene and so will not rust, corrode or fade. For further information regarding safe cylinder storage visit the UK Government HSE website for advice and information. View our complete range of equipment and products for controlling hazardous goods around the workplace.

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