High Voltage Area

What are High Voltage signs? High Voltage signs are a range of signs that are normally displayed around areas where there is high voltages of electrical hazards, High Voltage signs are displayed to ensure everyone is adequately warned that there are high voltages present in the area.

Within your property or premises where you have areas that contains high voltage equipment or systems then you must display the appropriate high voltage warning signs in order to warn everyone about the dangers and hazards before they enter the room or location, you must provide adequate warning to reduce or eliminate the possibility of an accident and of course anything related to high voltage could also result in death from electric shock.

Where you want to display one sign that contains several messages rather that a range of single signs conveying various messages then we have the high voltage multi-message signs for you, for example if you have a plant room then instead of displaying three signs with three messages you could in fact display just one multi-message sign containing three messages such as caution high voltage, mandatory keep out and prohibition no entry, these types of multi-message signs are much more effective than displaying a range of signs.