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Tapes & Labels

We manufacture, stock and supply a vast range of labels and tapes for every industry where safety needs to be involved and implemented. We are the UK's number one supplier of tapes and labels for the safety and security sector.

We understand that hazards are present in not just all workplaces but in public places too, this is why we have produced a vast range of tapes and labels to help you mark up those hazards to warn everyone of the potential dangers within the vicinity and help you reduce the risk(s) that is posed to everyone.

We supply a complete range of safety tapes and labels including tapes, tags, rolls of labels, safety tapes, packaging labels, machinery tags, identification labels, floor tapes for business, industrial and home use, anti-slip floor tapes, rolls of tapes, cable and pip tapes, barrier tapes and much more from our extensive label range with free UK delivery.