Keep Locked Signs

What are Keep Locked Signs? Keep Locked Signs are a range of mandatory signs that have the meaning wherever displayed that you must keep it locked, this can be referred to specific areas around buildings that you don't want anyone accessing due to security or safety reasons and as the signs are mandatory the message must be carried out.

Keep Locked Signs, around your premises where you have areas that are either dangerous or private and that you want to keep locked because of this then you will need to display the appropriate keep locked signs.

The keep locked signs will ensure your staff, maintenance workers or engineers will lock the doors after use, keep locked signs are are mandatory signs that must be followed.

Your rooms that require keep locked signs may be lift motor rooms, generator rooms, boiler rooms ect, where you do not want anyone to enter without permission as they are dangerous.

Our range of keep locked signs are available in a variety of formats, materials and sizes so you can be assured we have the keep locked signage you require for your premises.