Disabled Access Toilet Signs

What are Disabled Access Toilet Signs? Disabled Access Toilet Signs are a range of signs that have been designed to show different types of messages for assisting disabled people to find and access any toilets that have been adapted for those with disabilities, Disabled Access Toilet Signs are normally displayed in both public and private properties.

Disabled Access Toilet Signs, all public buildings need to comply with the law by providing ease of access to buildings for the disabled, we provide a complete range of toilet access for the disabled and wheelchair users, our disabled access toilet and washroom signs are ideal for all building types old and modern and the great choices available will blend in to suit all types of property decor.

We supply a range of disabled toilet access signs in both projecting 3D and double sided which are excellent for any property that has a corridor with toilets for the disabled within them as disabled toilet access sign can be read from both sides of the corridor. We also supply disabled toilet access signs in various other finishes for prestigious environments too.