Social Distance Message Tapes

What are Social Distance Message Floor Tapes? Social Distance Message Tapes are a range of tapes that have been specifically designed for all type of premises to lay on their floors as a reminder for everyone who visits their premises that they must adhere to any specific guidelines you have in place for the health & safety of everyone.

Where can Social Distance Message floor Tapes be laid? these Social Distance Message Tapes are excellent for laying on floors throughout any type of property, they can be applied to flooring both indoors and outdoors, simply cut as required to convey a message of your choice and apply to flooring 2 metres apart.

What are the benefits of Social Distance Message floor Tapes? this range of tapes feature benefits such as ensuring you are complying with the government guidelines and additionally you benefit from having secure measures in place for everyone attending your premises as these floor tapes are highly visible, eye catching and remind everyone of specific actions they must take to keep your premises and sites virus free.