Fire Safety Signs

How to ensure everyone understands fire safety? all premises in the UK have fire safety measures in place and most homes too including holiday homes but how do you ensure everyone understands what type of fire safety equipment it is and if required how to operate the fire safety equipment, the easiest solution is to display the right fire safety signage around the premises which relates to the specific types of fire equipment.

What are Fire Safety Signs? Fire Safety Signs are a range of signs which convey a variety of fire safety messages for everyone to recognise and understand, Fire Safety Signs are normally displayed around premises to indicate the locations of fire safety equipment and to demonstrate any specific actions to take in the event of a fire as well as providing step by step instructions on how to use fire safety equipment which could save lives.

Where can you site Fire Safety Signs? this all depends on the type of fire safety equipment which needs to be identified and for what type of use, this range of fire safety signs explains in detail the types of fire safety signs and where is the best place to position them for maximum visibility, as an example a fire blanket sign are ideal for positioning to the side or below the actual fire blanket due to the fact that fire blankets are normally pulled to deploy them so fire blankets are normally installed around eye height of an average adult and if you displayed the fire blanket sign above the fire blanket the message will not be see or read.