PPE Mandatory Signage

Personal protective equipment or PPE signs are a mandatory message types of instruction signs which are used for being mounted and displayed around areas where it is necessary for people to wear some for of ppe for their own safety and satisfy the requirements of health & safety regulations. It is important that ppe is provided in areas where ppe signage is installed such as wear eye protection signs should be installed near a safety glasses dispenser for people to wear the eye protection and likewise with an ear plugs dispenser requiring ear protection signage. Floor signage which instructs people to wear ppe can be laid onto floors around entry points where specific ppe requirements must be worn and the ppe floor signage is suitable for both heavy pedestrian and industrial vehicles. View the full range of workplace mandatory signs and the complete range of safety signs for workplaces. Mandatory wear safety harness signs must be displayed where people are required to wear a safety harness for their own safety. For further information regarding Safety signs and signals, the Health and Safety Regulations 1996 guidance on Regulations can be downloaded FREE of charge from the UK Government HSE website

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