Cleaning In Progress Signs

What are Cleaning In Progress Signs? Cleaning In Progress Signs are a range of signs which convey different types of messages that warn everyone that cleaning is in progress, these signs will be ideal to be displayed where you may be floor cleaning and need to warn everyone of the dangers of wet slippery surfaces.

Caution Cleaning In Progress Signs, we supply a wide range of janitorial signs specifically designed for warning other people that there is floor cleaning in progress or that the floor is wet due to cleaning.

It is very important that your janitorial and cleaning processes take the health and safety of others very seriously especially when it involved wet floors, many people are seriously injured every year as a result of inadequate warning messages of wet floors and spillages and the majority of injuries involve the HSE making an investigation as to who is to blame for the accidents.

To avoid or reduce such accidents of people slipping on your wet floors you must display the appropriate signage or barricade tape to cordon off the area(s), The signs which are normally in the format of A boards or floor stands can often be seen in shopping centres, supermarkets and factories around the UK and must be positioned in areas immediately within the danger area.