Toughstripe™ Floor Centre Marker Tapes

The Toughstripe™ Floor Centre Marker Tapes are self-adhesive floor tapes used for the purpose of creating pallet storage areas which keeps the pallets in designated storage bays which can be clearly seen by both pedestrians and fork lift truck drivers. To help you create the pallet storage areas the Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Divider Tapes allows you to divide bays in line with the centre markers to keep them at a safe distance for pedestrians to gain access and the Toughstripe™ Floor Corner Marking Tapes allows you to create bays, boxes and spaces around equipment, machinery and obstacles to help keep pedestrians away from the dangerous area. Our complete Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tape Range offer a vast range of floor tapes to help you create floor storage areas, cordon of areas and create pedestrian walkways. View the complete range of Toughstripe Floor Marking Tapes and stickers.

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