First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are vital for all workplaces and in the home for treating minor injuries, cuts, scratches, burns, scalds and broken limbs, in workplaces there will normally be a nominated first aider to help treat staff with injuries and it is vital that the first aiders have access to the appropriate training, equipment and products to deal with any injury within the workplace.

One of the most common first aid products for the workplace is a defibrillator which are widely seen in storage boxes in villages and other remote area where the an ambulance can be delayed due to the travel distance involved, in the workplace (no matter the size) it is wise to invest in a defibrillator as it has the potential to save someone's life and a defibrillator such as the Zoll Defibrillator AED provides the first aider with step-by-step instructions on how it can be used and the best benefit of all is that this defibrillator can be used by by anyone not just trained first aiders which makes them the perfect choice for all workplaces, villages, rural locations and remote areas.

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