Post Mounted Signs

What are Post Mounted Signs? Post Mounted Signs are a range of signs which convey various messages to everyone and the signs have been manufactured to be displayed on posts, Post Mountable signs are normally displayed around areas such as car parks where there may not be any other suitable mounting positions such as walls.

We manufacture, stock and deliver for free a full range of post mountable signs including mandatory post mountable signs, hazard warning post mountable signs, prohibition post mountable signs and safe condition signs. Ensuring adequate emergency assembly point signage is a vital part of fire protection planning.

Whether your normal emergency assembly point is out of action for some reason, or you're working on a temporary site where a suitable assembly location needs to be identified, these temporary, post mounted information signs are the perfect solution.

Constructed from resilient polypropylene that's weatherproof, the temporary information notices are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.