Co2 Fire Extinguishers

Co2 fire extinguishers have been manufactured to tackle fires involving flammable liquids by displacing the oxygen (one of the 3 elements fire needs to survive) from the surface in turn extinguishing the fire, as Co2 fire extinguishers do not damage electrical items or machinery the 2kg Co2 fire extinguishers are used by business owners to tackle fire such as from computers, photocopiers, printers and electrical items around shops and offices. In larger industrial premises where machinery is used such as CNC machines, lathes and engineering machinery the 5kg Co2 fire extinguishers are used to help extinguish electrical fires on a larger scale, the largest benefit of using Co2 fire extinguishers to put out electric fires in machinery and computers is that the Co2 being a gas will act as a searching agent to discover and extinguish the fire wherever inside the computer of machinery the fire is located which makes the Co2 fire extinguisher the perfect choice for all business premises and home offices. View the complete range of fire extinguishers.

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