Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs

What are Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs? Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs are a range of fire information type of message signs which provide information for everyone on how to operate the powder fire extinguisher and what types of fires you are allowed to safely use powder fire extinguisher on, powder fire extinguisher signs are also used to be displayed above powder fire extinguishers so that they can be easily located in the event of an emergency.

Why do Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs have a blue band on them? Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs display a blue band as this signifies the old colour coding which powder fire extinguishers used to be manufactured to and today powder fire extinguishers display a minimum of a 5% blue band on a red fire extinguishers which is why powder fire extinguishers display the same.

Why display Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs? by displaying fire extinguisher signs above or near to powder fire extinguishers provides everyone with information about what types of fires the powder fire extinguisher can extinguish safely and can do this by using both pictograms and text depending on the type of Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs you display.