Foam Fire Extinguisher Signs

What are Foam Fire Extinguisher Signs? Foam Fire Extinguisher Signs are a range of fire information type of message signs which convey the messages of highlighting the locations of your foam fire extinguishers, foam extinguisher signs also provide key information for the extinguisher user on how to operate and use the foam fire extinguishers.

Are foam fire extinguishers signs helpful? foam fire extinguishers signs are very helpful as they conveys a series of messages by using both text and pictograms to help foam extinguisher operators tackle fires with success and inform foam extinguisher operators which types of fires foam fire extinguishers cannot be used to try and tackle fires.

Where do i display foam fire extinguishers signs? Foam Fire Extinguisher Signs are ideally best displayed above or adjacent to the foam fire extinguisher depending on the wall space you have available and preferably at eye height so the foam extinguisher location can be seen from a distance.

Why do foam extinguisher signs have a cream band on them? the cream band on foam fire extinguishers signs relates to the old colour coding system where foam fire extinguishers were once all in the colour cream, today foam fire extinguishers are red but will now display at least a 5% cream band on the fire extinguishers and foam extinguisher stands provide the same information.