Foam Fire Extinguisher Signage

Foam Fire Extinguisher Signs are used for the purpose of mounting near foam fire extinguishers to identify their locations to others for quick and rapid access in the event of a fire and can feature descriptive information on the types of fires which foam fire extinguishers can combat. Signage for identifying water fire extinguishers are ideal for mounting near fire extinguishers which contain water and for highlighting the locations of co2 fire extinguishers the co2 fire extinguisher signage range offers a range of signs for identifying fire extinguishers of the co2 type. The Health & safety signs and signals regulations state that Foam Fire Extinguisher Signs must be clear and legible, and should be used to identify actions that are for showing people the foam extinguishers so by displaying Foam Fire Extinguisher Signs you are complying with the health and safety regulations. View the complete range of fire extinguisher signs.

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