Fire Assembly Point Signage

Fire Assembly Point Signs are a range of safe condition signs which means to indicate safe locations for staff, visitors and contractors to attend in the event of an evacuation such as a fire, all fire assembly point signage should be mounted away from buildings to protect evacuees from heat and smoke such opposite the building. Assembly point signage feature messages such as "Fire assembly point" and can be accompanied with pictogram images of people being assembled as illustrated in the fire assembly point 1 signs which can sometimes be referred to as muster point signs.

For employers and managers seeking further information about fire evacuation plans you can visit the UK Government website for help and guidance. For guiding the occupants of the building towards the assembly point around large buildings with many fire exits it is wise to mount fire assembly point directional signage such as fire assembly this way signs which feature an arrow point left to indicate where the evacuees need to travel and find the assembly point. View the complete range of workplace safe condition signs.

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