Dorgard™ Fire Door Retainers

Dorgard™ Fire Door Retainers are a simple way of retaining and releasing fire doors safely and legally, this battery-operated, self-contained device will safely and legally hold fire doors open without the risk of inadequate fire separation due to doors being wedged open in the event of a fire. When a fire alarm sounds over 65 decibels the Dorgard™ Fire Door Retainer will release allowing the fire door to close on it's own. The Dorgard™ Black Fire Door Retainer for example is supplied with and powered by 2x C-Cell batteries and requires no wiring or mains power and can be installed in under 5 minutes, complies with all relevant European Directives and UK Workplace Regulations. Dorgard™ Fire Door Retainers are ideal for schools, care homes and high pedestrian traffic areas such as linking corridors and rooms.

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