Wet Floor Signs

Wet Floor Signs, whenever around your business or premises that you encounter a spillage or wet cleaning of the floor then you must warn everyone including staff, visitors, contractors and the general public that there is a slippery surface and they are in danger of slipping if not very careful, in such cases you need to display these Wet Floor Signs.

By displaying these Wet Floor Signs around your premises you are conveying a clear message of warning or danger there is a slippery surface. These Wet Floor Signs are a hazard warning type of sign. The health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations 1996 state that Wet Floor Signs must be displayed to warn people to be careful or to take precautions where wet floor hazards exist so by displaying these Wet Floor Signs you are complying with health & safety.

Our range of Wet Floor Signs are available with free delivery too. Please display your Wet Floor Signs in clear positions around your sites when you either have a spillage or when the floors are being cleaned or wet rooms.