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Personal Lockers are the ideal solution for the safe storage of belongings whilst you are carrying out activities or duties elsewhere in the same building, single tier personal lockers are ideal for being installed in schools and educational premises for school children to store their personal belongings and school paperwork, files, stationary and PE kits. The workplace storage lockers offers plenty of storage space for staff such as maintenance teams where they can store their personal protective clothing and personal protective equipment when not in use, for securely storing people personal belongings which are valuable the personal effects lockers provide the best solution which have been designed as a convenient storage facility for staff, postal workers, school children, visitors and where appropriate the general public to store their personal belongings whilst carrying out other activities. View our complete range of storage cupboard and lockers which offers a wide choice of storage solutions for schools, hospitals and workplaces. View our complete range of personal lockers and storage cabinets for further choices.

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