Flammable Storage Units

Flammable Storage, comply with all regulations for storing flammable chemicals and flammable liquids, these cabinets have been designed for the safe storage of petroleum products and flammable liquids, the Petroleum Liquids Flame Store is manufactured from polyester coated 16 gauge steel these cabinets are suited to both indoor and sheltered outdoor use. The removable, leak-proof sump base easily detaches from the main storage compartment, lid carries the conditions of License for Petroleum Spirits on the outside, fitted with hasp and staple locking plus 2 carry handles. For further guidance regarding flammable storage you can download FREE information about the storage of flammable goods from the UK Government website.

The Flammable Substance Storage Cabinets are vibrant yellow, galvanised types of flammable substance storage cabinets which allows for 2 cabinets to be stacked to create more floor space, features allow the safe storage and segregation of chemicals, paints, flammable and hazardous substances to comply with COSHH guidelines making the Flammable Substance Storage Cabinets ideal for all workplaces storing and handling flammable substances. To help staff understand the regulations regarding goods which fall under COSHH guidelines displaying a COSHH Substances Poster which provides detailed photographic illustrations about COSHH substances. View the complete range of hazardous materials storage units and cabinets for the correct storage of your chemicals, flammables and toxic materials.

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