Acrylic Fire Action Notice Signage

Acrylic Fire Action Notice Signage, these fire action notice signs are manufactured from 6mm thick acrylic material and adds a prestigious look to your building when installed, the acrylic material fire action signs feature a double sided adhesive on the rear for easy installation and are ideal for mounting on walls and doors to be clearly visible to people. These acrylic fire action notice signs feature a layer of eco-friendly polyester film over the signs face which appears as white in the daylight then will glow in poor lighting or darkness as shown on the Nite-Glo Fire Action Acrylic Symbol Signs and nite-glo acrylic fire actions signs will glow for up to 6 hours once charged under normal lighting and xtra-glo acrylic fire action notice signs such as the Xtra Glo Fire Action Symbolised Signs will glow brightly in darkness for up to 24 hours providing a good level of lighting for the sign to be clearly visible and legible in the dark. View the complete range of fire action notice signs for a wide range of choices.

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