Slice® Safety Knives

Slice® Safety Knives, innovative safety knives for the workplace or in the home which features ceramic blades for improved safety, finger-friendly blade edges are safer while still able to cut through material effectively. Slice® Safety Knife blades are non-conductive and non-magnetic and requires no maintenance or oils and best of all the Slice® Safety Knives will never rust. The Slice® iSlice Safety Cutter is an easy-to-use and safe substitute for scissors or safety knives, features Slice® micro-ceramic blade which lasts longer than steel blades. Finger-friendly® blade edge is safer while still able to cut through material effectively.

The Slice® Manual Ceramic Box Cutter is ergonomically designed and sturdy nylon handle, double sided ceramic blade with finger friendly® edge stays sharp up to 11x longer than steel. Wrap handle design help to protect hands and rubberised interior creates grip. Unique housing design limits the amount of exposed blade reducing injuries and also provides the optimum cutting angle. Hand sharpened blade features a rounded tip to reduce injuries. View the full range of safety knives.

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