Fire Action Signs

What are Fire Action Signs? Fire Action Signs are a group of message signs which belong to the mandatory type of message signs which all convey different messages but achieve the same purpose, fire action signs convey messages to everyone by instructing them to take specific actions upon discovering a fire in order to help all the buildings occupants to escape to a place of safety.

What should be shown on Fire Action Signs? Fire Action Signs should show specific actions that everyone must take upon discovering a fire such as immediately raising the fire alarm, leaving the building by the nearest available exit and report to the fire assembly point

How many fire action signs do you need? you will need one fire action sign for every fire alarm activation point you have throughout your property, additional fire action signs are recommended for areas such as staff rooms, canteens, notice boards and other areas where employees may read wall literature.

Are fire action signs mandatory? Fire Action Signs are a multi-message type of sign and belong to the mandatory group of signs which mean the messages conveyed on the fire action signs must be carried out as immediate action upon discovering a fire could saves lives and properties