COVID-19 Signs

What are COVID-19 Signs? COVID-19 Signs are a range of signs which convey different types of messages relating to COVID-19 coronavirus, COVID-19 Signs are helpful to businesses, shops and public building owners when you need to remind everyone about personal hygiene and preventative measures everyone must take to help reduce contracting the virus.

What type of coronavirus sign do i need? this depends on factors such as the nature of your business and what type of message you need to remind your staff, visitors, contractors and the general public, you may need a mixture of message throughout your premises to help you conform to the government guidelines regarding keeping everyone safe.

How many Covid-19 signs do i need? the number of signs you will need will depend on the type, nature and size of business you are operating, if you have many occupants within the building then you might benefit from quite a few whereas smaller premises may only need a few signs.