Fire Extinguisher Sign

What are Fire Extinguisher Signs? Fire Extinguisher Signs are a range of fire information type of message signs which convey messages which highlight the locations of where the fire extinguishers are located, Fire Extinguisher Signs also provide vital key steps using text and pictograms on how to use the fire extinguisher where the sign is displayed.

Where can i display fire extinguishers signs? fire extinguisher signs have been designed and developed to be displayed above the fire extinguishers at about eye height so if the fire extinguisher is located on a floor stand and from a distance the fire extinguishers are obscured you can easily see the location due to seeing the fire extinguisher signs.

What benefits do fire extinguisher signs offer? there are fire extinguisher signs that provide information by using both text and pictograms to show everyone the particular types of fires in which the fire extinguishers can extinguish safely to ensure the fire extinguisher is being used to extinguish the correct type of fires.

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