Prohibition Signs

Prohibition Signs are a range of signs which are normally displayed in areas where you need to stop everyone from doing something, Prohibition Signs are used for a variety of reasons where you need everyone to not do activities due to either safety or security reasons.

Prohibition signs are often required where you need to control a potential problem, rule or behaviour from either the general public, employees, contractors or visitors to your place of business. The prohibition sign provides a messages to everyone that a particular activity is not allowed within either the public area or place of business, public areas can range from bars, restaurants, pubs, public parks, car parks, shopping centres, high streets, beaches and many more public places.

All types of businesses will at some point require some form of prohibition sign for controlling staff, visitors and contractors, It is very important that you control people's behaviour with the use of prohibition signs as they convey a message with impact, normally prohibition signs are displayed with a red circle on a white background with a red diagonal line running through the circle.