PPE Floor Marking Strips

What are PPE Floor Marking Strips? PPE Floor Marking Strips are a mandatory types of message signs that are applied to floors within the workplace and catch the attention of pedestrians such as your staff, visitors and contractors and instruct them that specific ppe is required beyond the points of where the floor signs are laid.

Sometimes around your sites it can be difficult to display wall or door signs to get across your ppe requirement message, you may not have wall space or the doors through to the warehouses are obscured.

The best solutions are floor marking strips where you can display your ppe requirement messages so that all pedestrians can see the message as they walk along the floor which gives you the maximum exposure ensuring that everyone can read your messages easily.

These ppe floor marking strips are available in the full range of ppe equipment so no matter what you require your staff, visitors or contractors to wear they will see the message.