Fragile Roof Signage

Fragile Roof Signs are a range of signs that convey messages of warning to everyone of the dangers of fragile roofs that may be present around your sites, Fragile Roof Signs ensure everyone is made aware before attempting to access your roofs that they are fragile.

Caution Fragile Roof Signage, many buildings around the UK have fragile roofs, whether it is due to the age of the buildings or a structural defect in the property that has rendered the roof as fragile.

Any building that has a fragile roof must display the correct fragile roof warning signs, these caution fragile roof signs must be displayed in clear prominent positions around the property in question especially at the entrance to the roof access whether this is indoors or outdoors.

Fragile roofs present great dangers especially to roof workers, scaffolding contractors, dwellers and contractors where they may need access to the roof space in order to carry out specific maintenance works, you must display the fragile roof warning signs in clear prominent position around the property to maximise the visibility for everyone to see.