Anti-Slip Floor Tapes

Anti-Slip Floor Tapes, slippery floor surfaces around the workplace and outdoors can prove very dangerous to people and may cause serious harm or injury if not properly dealt with, business owners can ensure their premises are protecting people from any slippery floors by laying down floor tapes which have anti-slip properties to help reduce the potential of people being injured from slipping. One of the best methods of highlighting slippery floor areas is by laying down yellow and black anti-slip floor tape which can used for being laid onto floors to cordon off hazardous areas and is ideal for creating pedestrian walkways and can be used for laying on steps and stairs both indoors and out to help ensure others are not slipping during wet conditions. The Caution Anti-Slip Adhesive Floor And Step Tape is perfect for slippery surfaces such as stairs, steps, ladders, catwalks, boats, decks, ramps, exercise and sports equipment. Anti-slip tape provides additional foot traction for protection. Helps to reduce the risk of slipping, tripping, falling, especially for small children, older adults and pets.

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