Emergency Key Storage Boxes

Perfect for ensuring emergency keys can be accessed during an emergency whilst keeping keys secure and safe at all other times emergency key storage boxes are the ideal solution, the emergency key storage boxes are vibrant red in colour and can easily be seen and recognised with clear ABS plastic & perspex fronts conveying the message "BREAK GLASS FOR KEY" the keys and be seen and accessed by smashing the front cover with a hammer and chain and are ideal for use in all types of premises including schools, leisure centres and food processing areas.

To help the occupants of the building accessing the key storage boxes the hammer and chain can be installed next to the boxes and used to smash the front panel to gain access easily without causing harm or injury to themselves, if the glass front panel is broken due to an accident or used to access the keys from your emergency key box you can easily replace the front cover with the spare glass for the emergency key boxes which are made from tempered glass so if smashed there is no shattered glass or splinters.

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