Glow In The Dark Fire Action Signage

Glow In The Dark Fire Action Signage, this range of fire action signs features the ability to glow in the dark making them ideal for mounting in areas which may have poor lighting or are dimly lit, the levels of illumination of the signs slightly vary and depends on the level of brightness you need in the event of a lighting failure. The nite-glo fire action signs will stay illuminated for over 6 hours once activated by a good light source and are ideal for providing a level of lighting for most applications and the xtra-glo fire action signs are made from tough acrylic material and offers bright Illumination for up to 24 hours with a recharge time of just 5 minutes in normal lighting making them perfect for mounting around common areas of buildings. You may be interested in our complete range of fire action signs which offers a vast range of choices.

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