Co2 Fire Extinguisher Signs

What are Co2 Fire Extinguisher Signs? Co2 Fire Extinguisher Signs are a range of fire information type of message signs which will highlight the locations of where any co2 fire extinguishers are around sites, co2 extinguisher signs also provide information on which types of fires the co2 fire extinguishers can be used on to tackle a fire.

Are co2 fire extinguishers signs necessary? yes, Co2 Fire Extinguisher Signs are required by health & safety and conform to the signs and signals regulations and more importantly they highlight the location of where any co2 fire extinguishers should be positioned.

Why do some co2 fire extinguishers signs have a black band on them? the black band on co2 fire extinguisher signage relates to the original colour of co2 fire extinguishers where they were all painted in black and nowadays co2 fire extinguishers are red in colour but display a black band to signify it is a co2 extinguishers and the co2 fire extinguishers presents itself in the same way.

Can co2 fire extinguishers be a benefit? without a doubt co2 fire extinguishers signs can be a benefit to everyone as some types of co2 extinguishers signs show a series of messages which informs the co2 extinguisher operator what types of fires co2 extinguishers can safely be used on and which types of fires co2 extinguishers cannot extinguish.