Multi-Message No Smoking Signs

The purpose of displaying no smoking multi-message signage is to ensure specific hazards and risks are reduced by removing an action near hazards and rather that mounting 2, 3 or even 4 signs employers can mount just on sign which conveys a variety of message to reduce the risks and in turn complying with their risk assessment. For example, to reduce the risk of highly flammable materials being ignited the sign to be displayed would need to warn others of the highly flammable hazard, prohibit smoking around the highly flammable materials and finally prohibit the lighting of naked flames such as lighter and matches as displayed on the danger highly flammable no smoking signs which eliminates all possibilities of the highly flammable materials being ignited.

We also supply a range of smoking control signs for mounting around workplaces to help control smokers who smoke and where necessary let them know where they are permitted to smoke, our range of industrial prohibition signs are used for the purpose of mounting around areas to stop others from carrying out actions or activities which might cause harm or injuries around workplaces and are suitable for mounting in hospitals, schools and industrial premises. Our full range of multi-message signs offers a variety of multi-safety messages in various sizes, formats and materials and you may be interested in the full range of signs for safety in the workplace.

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