Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers have been manufactured to tackle class A and B types of fires which means as well as being able to tackle fires involving flammable liquids (class B) they can also extinguish class A fires (combustible materials) such as wood, paper and textiles or anything that burns to an ash. The 2 Litre Foam fire extinguishers are the preferred fire extinguishers for vehicles, caravans and boats as they can be discreetly positioned in a safe place ready for use whilst the 6 Litre AFFF Foam fire extinguishers are suited for the workplace such as offices, shops and small business premises, for larger industrial premises such as warehouses, factories, loading bays and flammable storage areas the 9 Litre AFFF foam fire extinguishers is the ideal solution. View the complete range of fire extinguishers.

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