Sound Horn Signage

Sound Horn Signs are a range of mandatory traffic instruction signs used for being mounted and displayed around sites such as factories, car parks, schools and logistic yards where vehicles are being driven in the same areas as pedestrians to make sure drivers sound their horns to warn people of their presence. Sound horn signs can also be used in conjunction with traffic calming and speed restrictions for drivers by displaying Caution Pedestrians Sound Horn 10mph Signs which warns drivers to sound their horns, drive no faster than 10mph where pedestrians are in the area and to keep people away from loading bays around sites the loading bay no pedestrians signs will prohibit people from being allowed around loading bays.

It is vital around sites where there are vehicles and pedestrians moving around in the same areas that traffic site safety signs are displayed to safeguard pedestrians from crossing the paths of vehicles and to ensure the safety of everyone whilst working or visiting your sites that site safety mandatory message signage is displayed to keep others safe. For instructing all people on your sites to carry out actions to help keep themselves and others safe you must display mandatory instruction message signage to conform with health & safety regulations, view the full range of signs for instructing others to carry out actions, prohibit people from areas, warn people of hazards, show people the fire exits and first aid facilities.

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