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Safety Glasses And Goggles, the protection of your eyes around the workplace is vital from debris, dust and flying loose particles, without wearing eye protection you may have a serious injury or even worse loose your eyesight so wearing the right safety glasses, goggles or face protection visors can protect your valuable eyesight. The Honeywell A800 Anti Fog Anti Scratch Safety Spectacles are for wearing over long periods of time, ultra light wraparound lateral protection, shades: 2-1,2, anti Fog and Anti Scratch, mechanical resistance F, protects against low energy impacts. The Bionic Polycarbonate Face Shield offer fantastic face protection, padded frame, fits all sizes, fully adjustable for a personal fit, the shield can easily be replaced and can be adapted to various situations. Face Shield has a padded frame so is comfortable for wearing over long periods of time. Click-lock mechanism makes face Shield easy to fit. View our complete range of workplace personal protective equipment products for protection whilst working around the workplace.

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