Deb Stokoderm® Skin Protection Creams

Deb Stokoderm® Skin Protection Creams are an excellent addition to any home and workplace, allows lasting protection and restoration to the hands following manual works. The Deb Stokoderm® Grip PURE Skin Protection Cream protects from greasy substances, lubricants, detergent and oils, Strengthens and protects the skin while at the same time improving grip. The DEB Stokoderm® Aqua Pure Skin Cream is a specialist skin protection cream for frequent and prolonged contact with water based contaminants such as dyes, detergents and dilute acids, innovative formula not only protects skin against water based substances but also soothes and nourishes, the Deb Stokoderm® Frost Skin Protection Cream helps enhance the the skins natural ability to regenerate, specialist pre work cream which protects skin for workers in cold conditions.

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