Escape Route Keep Clear Signage

Escape Route Keep Clear Signs are a mandatory message type of signs normally used for being displayed around the fire escape routes of buildings to ensure the occupants of the building keep them clear and convey the message "Escape Route Keep Clear" which means it is mandatory that the escape routes are kept clear making them ideal for displaying on fire exit doors, stairwells and walls on the fire escape routes. Fire escape keep clear signage can be mounted on walls and doors on fire escapes to makes sure people keep them clear at all times making them a safe escape in the event of a fire, fire exit doors which need to be kept clear will need to have keep clear fire exit signs mounted on both sides of the fire exits to ensure they are kept clear and to comply with your fire risk assessment all fire escape routes must have the appropriate fire exit signs mounted to show the occupants which way the fire exit route is in the event of a fire evacuation. View the full range of signs to keep areas clear, the full range of signs for mandatory fire doors, the full range of signs for workplace fire doors, the full range of industrial mandatory signs and the complete range of workplace health & safety signs.

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