First Aid Eye Care Products

We supply a complete range of emergency eye care products which are ideal for ensuring your first aid facilities are always fully stocked, treating people with eye injuries immediately is paramount to prevent further damage to the eyesight from dust, debris and flying particles. Our comprehensive range of first aid products for treating eye injuries range from saline eyewash bottles fitted with eye caps, emergency portable eyewash kits through to first aid eyewash stations all of which are vital for keeping in secure locations around the workplace. We also supply emergency eyewash bathing stations which can be wall mounted in areas such as dusty environments where eye irritations may happen on a regular basis. In addition to eyewash facilities it is vital in all workplaces that first aid kits are installed to help treat people following an accident and our full range of first aid kits come in a range of types and sizes to suit all types of workplaces according to the number of employees working there.

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