Round Social Distance Signs

What are Round Social Distance Floor Signs? Round Social Distance Signs are a range of floor signs which convey a variety of messages to help businesses, shops and public buildings maintain social distancing by everyone whilst on the premises, Round Social Distance Signs wherever they are laid will provide a reminder to everyone that social distancing must be maintained.

Why must i use Social Distance Floor Signs? Social Distance Floor Signs are a range of floor signs which have been specially designed to help business owners in their compliance with government social distancing guidelines, the government requires everyone who visits your premises to maintain social distancing and the best way you can comply with the guidance and remind everyone to keep their distances whilst on your premises is to lay the Social Distance Floor Signs around your floors.

How many Social Distance Floor Signs will i need? how many you need will depend on the type and size of your premises, as a guideline you need to space the floor signs out at 2 metres apart where people are likely to queue and around 4 metres apart in other areas where pedestrians are walking around, the end result when laying these social distancing floor signs is to try and ensure people stay apart from each other at a distance of at least 2 metre down to 1 metre plus.