Floor Line Marking Kits

Industrial Floor Line Marking Kits are the ideal solution for making light work of spraying lines both indoors and outdoors when you need to cordon off areas, create walkways, pedestrian routes, mark out parking bays and create lines on sports fields. To make light use of spraying floors and marking out areas for road repairs by hand with spray paints in cans such as the ROCOL Easyline Aerosol Spray Paints then you can use the ROCOL Spray Paint Hand Held Applicator which provide a convenient way to spray paints around car parks, playgrounds, hospital grounds, sports grounds and industrial areas. The Line Marking System 3-Wheel Paint Applicator is the perfect solution for marking out straight lines on floors over large areas and is ideal for use with the Premium Grade Line Marking Spray Paints which are used for the marking out of lines, marking aisles, loading bays and parking areas, sports halls and tennis courts.

Around your sites where you have parking facilities provided for disabled drivers you can mark out on the floor the disabled logo onto your parking bays with the disabled parking bay floor stencils to provide easy and instant recognition of the disabled parking spaces which can be sprayed using the ROCOL Easyline Aerosol Spray Paints which can be applied using the a Spray Paint Hand Held Applicator for ease of use. View our complete range of industrial floor care products for ensuring safety is maintained around your sites.

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